The Vocal Team is an auditioned group of worship leaders, soloists and vocalists who rehearse together and provide music on a rotating basis for all BIBC’s Sunday services. Music is an important part of the Sunday worship experience, and the band is responsible for helping bring this experience to life.

If you would like to audition, please complete the Worship Arts Interest Form. Our Pastor of Worship Arts, Aaron Gibson, will contact you to arrange for your audition time and answer any questions that you may have. You may also email Pastor Aaron or call our office at 912-265-4741.

Got questions about singing with the Vocal Team?

Who gets involved with the BIBC Vocal Ensemble?

The people who are involved with the Vocal Ensemble are interested in attending BIBC on a regular basis.  Some are professional musicians, while others may work in other fields.  They feel gifted and want to use their talents to serve our church, and they have a servant’s heart, ready and willing to serve where needed.  Vocal Ensemble members serve primarily at the weekend services.

Will I be asked to sing every week?

No.  We try to be very conscious of your schedule.  We will create a schedule at the beginning of the season so that you are aware of your commitments right from the start.

You are required to attend weekly rehearsals only if you are playing that Sunday. Likewise, you are expected to be a regular attender at the Sunday service even if you are not playing.

When are rehearsals and how long do they last?

Rehearsals are on Thursdays @ 6:30pm.

How do I join?

•Sign-up to audition by completing the Worship Arts Info form or by contacting Aaron Gibson (912-265-4741 / and let him know that you would like to audition.

•Relax, and come to the audition ready to have fun and do your best!