What To Bring for your little one:

Our serving teams are here to ensure your little ones are well taken care of. Part of making their experience enjoyable is making sure we have everything we need to keep them happy, comforted, and fresh. When packing your child’s diaper bag/backpack, we ask that you please include the following items:

6 Weeks to 2 Years

  • Two or three disposable diapers.
  • A pacifier or other similar comforting item, should your child need it for additional security.
  • A complete change of clothes…just in case.
  • A bottle of milk, formula, juice, or water.
  • If mothers are nursing please either supply us with pumped milk or please plan to come back and feed their infant.

2 Years – 5 Years

  • Snacks: We provide light snacks that typically consist of “Cheerios” or “Goldfish”, and water. We also serve Chex cereal in addition to cheerios for children who have allergies to gluten. If you prefer your child not have this, please let one of our leaders know when you check-in.
  • Back-ups: We know that children at this age can, and still do have accidents every now and then. Just in case, we ask that you pack a small bag with a spare change of clothes, and diapers or disposable training pants, as applicable.

*Due to allergies we ask that no parents bring additional food into the preschool area from 2-and up (infants to 1 year are the exception to that rule).