The REFIT® dance party has arrived in the Golden Isles!

Mondays Nights at BIBC at 6pm

What to bring?
Just bring a water bottle, hand towel and shoes and be ready to DANCE!

Cost? FREE so invite all of your friends!

What is REFIT®?
REFIT® is a fitness community. Our vision is to create a fitness experience that changes people from the inside out, and this vision is accomplished by focusing on the heart as a muscle AND a soul.  People don’t have to get fit in order to be fit at REFIT® –our workouts are designed for every body regardless of age, shape, size or ability. REFIT® creates a powerful, uplifting fitness experience that lasts well beyond the workout.  Are you ready to join the revolution?

So what exactly happens in a REFIT® class?
REFIT® combines several elements of fitness into one power-packed hour. While the focus is structured around CardioDance movements, toning and flexibility, strength training and stretching are also incorporated into the REFIT® workout. The workout formula is easy to follow and will both challenge fitness enthusiasts and welcome beginners.


  • FITNESS FOR ALL We believe there is power in diversity. REFIT® welcomes all sizes, shapes, ages, and backgrounds.
  • BODY-ROCKIN’ WORKOUTS It’s not about having a rockin’ body. It’s about rockin’ your body! Cardio. Toning. Flexibility. Our workouts target the whole person body + mind+ soul.
  • VALUE-INFUSED The music we use choose & the moves we use have a purpose & a point. The music is powerful, positive & uplifting, and there’s a fitness-focus behind every movement.
  • COMMUNITY FOCUS We believe that REFIT® is “more than” fitness. We’re a family. Our instructors are trained to cultivate strong connections that last well beyond the workout.
  • FITNESS WITH PURPOSE We believe that fitness can changes lives and inspire people to live with greater impact. We infuse our faith and values into every class.

Who is the instructor?
Merry Anna Staub

BIO Snippet: I am a certified REFIT® instructor. I have been married since 2012. My husband and I recently moved to the Brunswick area. My hobbies are crafts, refinishing furniture, volunteering with youth, dancing and singing. I am passionate about making fitness fun for everybody. I believe that fitness is for the willing, not just the fit. I want each REFIT® class to feel like a community and a place to be YOU! I want each person to feel like a ROCKSTAR! Join me each week to experience community, fitness and fun! Who doesn’t LOVE a dance party that results in a workout?!

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