We’re glad that you have shown interested in getting involved in one of our Ministry Teams. Please take a few minutes to carefully read the info below before making your commitment. 


A. To Welcome Visitors
First impressions are lasting ones! We want to give a great first impression by welcoming our visitors with friendly and helpful greeters.

B. To Welcome Regular Attendees
We want to let our church family know that we’re glad they’re here by greeting them with a smile each time they arrive.

C. To Offer Information
We want people to know what’s happening at the church, so we have weekly notes/events printed for greeters to hand out. We also want our greeters to be ready to give directions and answers to basic questions.


A. Arrive 5-10 minutes before 9:30am so that you can get prepared and save seats for your family. 
B. Meet the team @ 9:30am by the Welcome Cart for a quick meeting & prayer.
C. SMILE! Come to church well-rested ready to greet others.
D. Shaking hands with every person is not necessary; however, always offer sermon notes  with a sincere smile and a verbal greeting.
E. Be prepared to answer basic questions.

    1. Schedule of services.
    2. Location of nursery and children’s classrooms, Welcome Center, restrooms, water fountains, telephones, first aid, fire extinguishers, and lost-and-found.
    3. Know the names of church leaders.
    4. Current announcements and upcoming events (read the In the Loop handout before greeting).

F. If you unable to serve your scheduled service or will be late, contact the Hospitality Coordinator ASAP.


A. Use mints for fresh breathe.
B. Wash your hands before and after greeting.
C. Wear modest and neat apparel.
D. Wear BIBC Hello tag.
E. Maintain a friendly posture. Avoid slumping against a wall or door.
F. Avoid checking FB, Instagram, playing games etc. on your cell phone.


A. Be hospitable.
Treat people as royalty and honored guests. Be conscious to show equality to everyone.

B. Be friendly and cheerful.
Let people know that we’re glad they decided to come to church. They may be having problems in their personal life, and your caring attitude will express the love of God to them. Use discretion with members of the opposite sex. If the opposite gender initiates a hug, hug from side to side.

C. Be positive.
Our greeters are in the forefront as representatives of the church. Be mindful of the things you say and how you say them. Keep opinions to yourself. If you ever have a complaint, go to the Greeter Coordinator. Always show respect for others and for church leadership.

D. Have a servant’s heart.
Be watchful to acknowledge visitors and welcome each person as they come in. Be careful not to engage in extended conversations with anyone while greeting. You can always tell your friends that you will talk to them after the service. Be careful not to use your position as an opportunity to promote your own interests or business. Serve faithfully.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Greeter info. If you would like more information about serving on the team click here.