We have a passion for connecting people with Jesus Christ by creating an environment where people can experience the presence of God through praise & worship. We count it a privilege and honor to do what we do. We believe there is life-changing power released when you are standing in the presence of the Almighty. God truly inhabits the praises of his people. Our heart is to create a place each week during our services where people can meet God, find rest, and experience real life-change through worship.

BIBC’s Creative Team, as a whole, is made up of a dedicated team of worshippers who give of their time and talents in the hopes that God is glorified in and through them.


It’s our hope that the music at BIBC would captivate you, draw you in, and prepare your heart to encounter Jesus every week! We’ll use multiple musical styles and songs, performed with world class excellence. We’ll play songs you’d hear on the radio. We’ll sing hymns that have been sung for centuries and songs from around the world; all with the goal of helping people just like you encounter Jesus. Music at BIBC is about reaching people far from God and helping them follow Jesus step by step.

Visual Arts

BIBC wants to equip the artists within the local church with the knowledge, skills, materials, and opportunities needed to create artworks that will express their faith, serve the church, and renew culture. Part of this includes making visual art for our Sunday services and other gathered worship opportunities.

Serve in Creative Arts

Creating a positive worship experience on the weekends is no small task. We rely upon volunteers who are willing to use the talents God has given them to help make our services run smoothly. There are opportunities to thrive behind the scenes in a tech booth or on a camera, or you may want to be on stage sharing your musical gifts as we worship God together.

Here are some specific ways you can serve through Creative Arts

  • Band*
  • Vocal Team*
  • Video*
  • Editing*
  • Graphic Arts*
  • Creative Writing*
  • Photography*

* Auditions/portfolio reviews maybe requested for these serving roles.

  • Attend: Your first step to getting involved is attending our BIBC 101/Partnership Class. Click here to learn more.
  • Test Drive: We invite you to come in for a “test drive” to see which of the many aspects of Creative Arts ministry you believe God is calling you to. We’ll then connect you with a leader for training and get you ready to serve.
  • Serve: Start serving as part of the team that helps people encounter God, have fun, and feel loved!

If you have already attended the class and would like to start the process to serve & “Test Drive” Click Here.