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Welcome to Blythe Island Baptist Church

Blythe Island Baptist Church is a place where people experience the love of Christ and it compels them to live an authentic life of faith. Many who gave up on church, because of a bad experience, return to find genuine acceptance rather than judgment.

It is a place where biblical teaching is relevant to life and worship stems from a deep gratitude and passion to know and love God. Groups of people meet during the week to study the Bible and find ways to serve others. People are challenged and inspired to grow through their pain, doubts, hang-ups and triumphs. It is a place where families find encouragement and support that equips them for the storms of life.

We work together, pray together, laugh together, worship together, eat together, struggle together, and celebrate together the joy of an unselfish life as we live in the hope of Christ. We are just a group of imperfect people striving to live a life for God. No matter where you are in this life, we hope you’ll find a place to connect to Jesus and one another at BIBC. Connecting people is what we’re all about.

Look Around
So for some reason you’ve landed on BIBC’s website. We’re glad you did. Really, we are, and we’re not just saying that. Take a look around. Hopefully, you’ll see something you like. And who knows? Maybe you’ll like our website so much we’ll see you this weekend.

Everyday Worship
Whether during captivating weekend worship services, during LifeGroups or at a weekly Bible study, at BIBC we make it our mission to turn our imperfect lives into worship for God. Join us for our weekend service and get started on the journey toward everyday worship.

BIBC is not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the service and sacrifice of many. BIBC’s story is still unfolding and continuing to grow today, like never before. We invite you to attend our BIBC101 to learn more about us and discover how you can be a part of our family, and our story.  BIBC101 is held once a month. It’s a great chance to hear what Blythe Island Baptist Church is all about. You’ll be able to meet the pastors, meet other leader & ask as many questions as you would like about BIBC. Check our calendar for our next BIBC101 class.